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Pews News - w/c 2nd April 2023 - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

10.30am Croughton, Benefice Holy Communion

Colour red

Readings Isaiah 50:4-9a

Philippians 2:5-11,

Psalm 31:9-16

Almighty and everlasting God, who in your tender love towards the human race sent your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ to take upon him our flesh and to suffer death upon the cross: grant that we may follow the example of his patience and humility, and also be made partakers of his resurrection; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever


Post Communion

Lord Jesus Christ, you humbled yourself in taking the form of a servant, and in obedience died on the cross for our salvation: give us the mind to follow you and to proclaim you as Lord and King, to the glory of God the Father.



Easter Sunday

10.00am Aynho, Morning Worship

10.30am Farthinghoe, Benefice Holy Communion

11.00am Hinton Holy Communion

Colour white

Additional services for Holy Week as follows.

Compline services as follows:- 3rd 7.00pm Aynho 4th 7.00pm Croughton 5th 7.00pm Farthinghoe

6th Maundy Thursday – service at Evenley 7.00pm Benefice Holy Communion

7th Good Friday- Family service at Evenley Village Hall- 11.00am (Hot cross buns plus tea/coffee will be served)

Hinton- An Hour Before the Cross 2pm

Please pray for:-

- For all those known to us who need or prayers this week

- For couples preparing to be married this summer.

- For all those struggling with health issues.

- For those awaiting surgery

- For all people worldwide who are affected by unrest, by acts of violence, oppression, or poverty. Our churches are always open for private prayer; all are welcome. - (Croughton -by appointment only)

April 2023

1st Evenley 7.30pm – An evening of comic songs performed by Holler n Duck (Sorry - Completely sold out)!

2nd Palm Sunday – start of Holy,

(Passion week) – no bell ringing.

All services this week on page 2.

6th Full moon

9th Easter Day

11th Evenley Soup Lunch 12.00 – 1.30pm

14th Farthinghoe 10.00 – 11.00 Coffee, cake & chat in the vestry

The next Benefice Holy Communion service is on 9th April, 10.30 at Farthinghoe

We welcome you all to attend and join in with the celebrations along with friends from our neighbouring churches when we all come together to share prayers for the rising of Jesus.

Thank you all.

Baby Basics

Thank you to everyone who was so generous in their donations to our benefice collection for Baby Basics. I will be delivering everything to Northampton within the week so it can be distributed to Mum's over the coming months. Carrie


Croughton – 10th June in the garden of David & Margaret Rings

Hinton – 1st July

Other fete dates to follow.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting dates

For the election of Church Wardens and PCC members

Aynho 7pm Tuesday 18th April

Evenley 10.00am Saturday

22nd April

Farthinghoe 10.00am Saturday 22nd April in the church vestry

Croughton 7pm on 27th April

Hinton date to follow.

Have a look at our Benefice website.

Also new email address

Telephone number

(01280) 702861

If you wish to be on the Pews News emailing list, please contact:

Printed copies can be found in our churches.

Church contacts

Ministry Teams

Assistant Priests-

Revd Terry Richards 01869 811251

Revd Hugh Warwick 01869 819596

Lay Readers

Carrie O’Regan 01280 702300

May Leng 07903 801143



Andrew Bellamy 01869 810847

Kathy White 01869 810418


Angie Robbins 01869 811445,


Jose Golding 07708 539191


Lisa Wenmouth 01295 712510


Sam Mainds 07860 465000

And finally

A few facts about a full moon (this will occur on Thursday 6th April)

It’s thought that the Moon was born when a huge Mars-sized asteroid collided with Earth when it was first forming around 4.5 billion years ago. The debris from this colossal impact was ejected back into space where it came together, and bound by Earth’s gravity, it eventually formed our Moon.

Since then, our Moon has orbited Earth. Its gravitational pull results in the tides which can influence our planet’s weather and it keeps our planet from wobbling madly like a slowing spinning top. If the Moon were to disappear, Earth’s tilt could vary wildly, and we could end up with very drastic seasons. So, the Moon isn’t just our pretty neighbour, but it plays a significant role in keeping things stable on Earth.


Researchers discovered that around the full moon, people spent 30% less time in NREM sleep (deep sleep) and slept for 20 minutes less than when there wasn't a full moon.

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